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KKC International Platform

The KKC International Platform is a forum to discuss new developments, changes, and challenges of Japan and the international society.

December 25, 2017
(PDF file format, 872KB)

Japan-Europe, the unnoticed megadeal

Sébastien Jean

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June 20, 2017(PDF file format, 399KB)
Free Trade between Europe and Japan - hope for global prosperity
Hubertus Bardt
April 13, 2017(PDF file format, 421KB)
Uncertain Times Require Leaders to Address Big Problems
Sim B Sitkin
January 19, 2017(PDF file format, 172KB)
US-Japan-X: The Crucial Network For Regional Cooperation
By J. Berkshire Miller
August 12, 2016(PDF file format, 494KB)
The Strategic Imperative of New Chinese-Language Networks
By Nathaniel Ahrens
June 1, 2016(PDF file format, 327KB)
The Arctic: a new frontier for U.S.-Japan cooperation
By Michael Green and Mead Treadwell

Japan and the World 2017/18
A Pocket Guide in Figures

The Keizai Koho Center has published a pocket-sized, English-language statistical booklet filled with the latest international data which will guide you to understand the global business environment. This year we have enlarged the size of the booklet for easier reading.
This issue consists of 70 items in five chapters, including economic growth rates, trade balances, exchange rates, foreign direct investments and their destinations and number of foreign tourists of major countries such as Japan, U.S., China, U.K., Germany and South Korea.
Data for the past 10 years are visually shown with colorful graphs and tables indicate numerical values, making it useful for various business and research purposes.
Please use the following form if you wish to purchase copies of our statistical booklet.

Issued on Dec. 1, 2017
1. Economic and Financial Indicators
2. Population and Labor Markets
3. Trade and Investment
4. Education and People Exchange
5. Government Budget, Tax and Other Data
Format: Pocket size (11.5 cm X 19 cm) 115 pages
Price: 1000 yen + tax and postage
Order of 50 or more; 700 yen + tax and postage
KKC Members; 700 yen + tax and postage

Publisher: Keizai Koho Center

How to order:

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E-mail: Please order by confirming your name, phone, address, and the number of copies to
the International Affairs Department
Fax: Japan and the World 2017/18 Order Form

A bank transfer form will be enclosed.
The booklet is also available at bookstores and government publication offices around Japan.

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Japan Economic Currents: A Commentary on Economic and Business Trends

This publication details developments in Japan's economic and business scenes. We distribute Japan Economic Currents to over 2,300 opinion leaders throughout the United States.
Our e-JEC newsletter can be found here

No.90, December 2014
(PDF file format, 475KB)

TPP and Japan’s Economic Recovery ?

By Shujiro Urata, Waseda University

No.89, May (PDF file format, 471KB)
Abenomics-What Follows the Money?
By Shumpei Takemori, Keio University
No.88, March (PDF file format, 519KB)
Evaluating Abenomics
By Naohiro Yashiro, International Christian University

No.87, December (PDF file format, 479KB)
Japan’s Public Diplomacy: Where It Stands and the Issues It Faces
By Yasushi Watanabe, Keio University
No.86, September (PDF file format, 471KB)
Japan’s Foreign Policy Agenda after the Upper House Election: Where Shinzo Abe Will Try to Take Japanese Diplomacy
By Ken Jimbo, Keio University
No.85, May (PDF file format, 472KB)
Abenomics: Policy, Prospects, and Risks
By Masazumi Wakatabe, Waseda University
No.84, February (PDF file format, 68KB)
Prime Minister Abe’s Foreign Policy Challenges: Closer Ties with ASEAN, Australia are Welcome after Years of Diplomatic Drift
By Takashi Shiraishi, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies

No.83, November (PDF file format, 683KB)
Rebuilding Japan’s Foreign Policy: Reinforce Regional Cooperative Ties Around Stable Japan-U.S.-China Relations
By Hiroshi Nakanishi, Kyoto University
No.82, June (PDF file format, 676KB)
Japan’s Energy Policy: Current Situation and Challenges after March 11
By Tsutomu Toichi, Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ)
No.81, March (PDF file format, 358KB)
Japan’s Mission on Constructing a New International Economic Order
By Fukunari Kimura, Keio University and ERIA

No.80, September (PDF file format, 680KB)
Whither Japan after the Earthquake?
By Tsuneo Watanabe, The Tokyo Foundation
No.79, July (PDF file format, 678KB)
The Great East Japan Earthquake and Japan’s Fiscal Consolidation
By Mitsuhiro Fukao, Keio University
No.78, April (PDF file format, 1MB)
Future Economic Scenarios for Quake-hit Japan
By Ryutaro Kono, BNP Paribas

No.77, March (PDF file format, 377KB)
Japan’s Foreign Policy under the DPJ Government
By Tatsuhiko Yoshizaki, Sojitz Research Institute
Navigating a Rough Patch in US-Japan Relations
By Nicholas Szechenyi, Center for Strategic and International Studies

No.76, March (PDF file format, 417KB)
The Japanese Economy Likely to Recover Steadily by Late 2010
By Yuji Shimanaka, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Co., Ltd.
A Somber 2010 as Taxpayers Face Up to Cost of War on Recession
By Vanessa Rossi, International Economics, Chatham House

No.75, September (PDF file format, 208KB)
Japan and the US: The Global Challenges Ahead
By Richard N. Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations
The U.S.-Japan Partnership in a New Era: Under Fire or Looking Forward?
By Sheila A. Smith, Council on Foreign Relations
Comments by Yukio Okamoto, Okamoto Associates, Inc.

No.74, September (PDF file format, 580KB)
Japan's Economy in the Economic Crisis
By Junichiro Takeuchi, Japan Center for Economic Research
Prospects for Recovery
By Sebastian Mallaby and Peter Tillman, Council on Foreign Relations

No.73, July (PDF file format, 515KB)
Reforming Japan's System of Governance: Political Challenges and Prospects
By Takasumi Saikawa, Kyodo News

No.72, June (PDF file format, 141KB)
Climate Change Policies: Vertical Balance, Horizontal Balance
By Mitsutsune Yamaguchi, University of Tokyo
Towards a Global Compact for Managing Climate Change: One Indian's Perspective
By Ramgopal Agarwala, Research and Information System for Developing Countries

No.71, January (PDF file format,310KB)
Asia’s Division of Labor and Japanese Corporate Strategy
By Tomofumi Amano, University of Tokyo Graduat e School of Economics
A Time for Action and a Time to Lead: Democratic Capitalism and a New “New Deal” for the US and the World in the Twenty-first Century
By Elias G. Carayannis, The George Washingt on University, and Aris Kaloudis, NIFU STEP Norwegi an Institute for Studies in Innovat ion, Research, and Educat ion

No.70, July (PDF file format,164KB)
The Global Response to the U.S. Subprime Crisis
By Brad W. Setser, Council on Foreign Relations
Achieving a Soft Landing for the Global Imbalance and a Worldwide Recession
By Eiji Ogawa, Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Commerce and Management

No.69, March (PDF file format,215KB)
The Declining Birthrate in Japan
By Takashi Oshio, Kobe University
Meeting Japan's Aging Challenge
By Richard Jackson and Keisuke Nakashima, Center for Strategic and International Studies

No.68, fall (PDF file format, 855KB)
No.67, July (PDF file format, 528KB)
No.66, June (PDF file format, 87KB)
No.65, February (PDF file format, 135KB)
No.64, January (PDF file format, 88KB)
No.63, Sept/Oct (PDF file format,112KB)
No.62, May/June (PDF file format, 133KB)
No.61, March/April (PDF file format,90KB)
No.60, Jan/Feb (PDF file format, 502KB)


Views from the World

A collection of articles written by opinion leaders of the world who have been invited to Japan by the Keizai Koho Center in the past. The articles are published in KKC's monthly magazine, Keizai Koho, in Japanese.

Keizai Koho, July 2012 issue
Stand up Japan! The world needs you (more than before)
Kornelius Purba, Senior Managing Editor, The Jakarta Post

Keizai Koho, May 2011 issue
Philippines-Japan relations and OFW prospects
  Arnold S. Tenorio, Business Editor, The Manila Times

Keizai Koho, April 2010 issue
Coverage of Japan by Western Media
  David Nakamura, Reporter, The Washington Post

Keizai Koho, February 2010 issue
A sombre 2010 as taxpayers face up to cost of war on recession
  Vanessa Rossi, Senior Research Fellow, Chatham House

Keizai Koho, January 2010 issue
Toward a New Bilateral Relationship
  Richard J. Samuels, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Keizai Koho, July 2009 issue
Towards a Global Compact for Managing Climate Change: One Indian?s Perspective
  Ramgopal Agarwala, Research and Information System for Developing Countries

Keizai Koho, June 2009 issue
Prospects of U.S. Trade Policy
  Bruce Stokes, National Journal

Keizai Koho, May 2009 issue
How the Global Financial Crisis has Affected Singapore
Dennis Chan, Deputy Money Editor, The Straits Times

Keizai Koho, April 2009 issue
How Germany copes with the Financial Crisis
Heike Gobel, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Keizai Koho, December 2008 issue
Is the United States Losing Its Edge in Science and Technology?
Titus Galama, Management Scientist, RAND Corporation
James Hosek, Senior Economist, RAND Corporation

Keizai Koho, November 2008 issue
The UK and Europe in The Global Competition for Energy and Resources
William Keegan, Senior Economic Commentator, The Observer

Keizai Koho, October 2008 issue
Challenges Facing ASEAN in Coping with Global Inflation and Issues such as Food and Energy Security
Nophakhun Limsamarnphun, Sunday Editor, The Nation

Keizai Koho, September 2008 issue
Inflation Makes A Global Comeback
John Plender, Columnist, The Financial Times

Keizai Koho, August 2008 issue
The Global Response to the U.S. Subprime Crisis
Brad W. Setser, Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations

Keizai Koho, June 2008 issue
Emerging Markets and Emerging Issues in Global Governance
Pierre Jacquet, Chief economist, French Development Agency (AFD)

Keizai Koho, May 2008 issue
Towards Ecological Civilization: China?s Answer to Environmental Challenges  
Qi Ye, Director, School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University

Keizai Koho, April 2008 issue
Asia’s Alphabet Soup and Regional Leadership  
Simon SC Tay, Chairman, Singapore Institute for International Affairs

Keizai Koho, March 2008 issue
What Form Should An Asian Economic Union Take?
Wing Thye Woo, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Keizai Koho, February 2008 issue
The Main Casualties of the Credit Crisis
Anatole Kaletsky, Editor At Large, The Times

Keizai Koho, January 2008 issue
Energy Security and Global Warming
Michael Knipe, Journalist/Editorial Consultant

Keizai Koho, December 2007 issue
Has Japanese Politics Really Changed? My Views
Ellis S. Krauss, Professor, University of California, San Diego

Corporate Communications Information

We provide companies with information on corporate communications methods and strategies in a number of forms. We publish Keizai Koho, a monthly magazine; we produce a variety of other published material; and we sponsor lectures and forums like the Corporate Communications Forums, symposiums for company and corporate group communications officers that cover corporate branding, crisis management, and other key topics.

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