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About us

About Keizai Koho Center

Information is central to our lives in today’s world. The Keizai Koho Center (KKC) has worked with information since its establishment in November 1978, building bridges of communication—between sectors of society, between Japan and other nations—so that information can flow everywhere it is needed.

The KKC is an independent, nonprofit organization supported by industrial organizations and individual Japanese and foreign-affiliated firms. Having started out with the mission to span gaps in understanding between the business and other sectors of society, we today have expanded our aims.

The KKC gathers information at all levels of Japanese society and shares that information with the world. Our programs bring foreign scholars, businesspeople, educators, and journalists to Japan to help them learn more about the nation and its economy. We also promote dialogue by sending their Japanese counterparts abroad to observe global conditions firsthand. The KKC strives to close gaps in perception between Japan and other countries and between the business community and society at large.

Human and electronic networks connect the modern world. Keeping tabs on a huge volume of information is the key to surviving and thriving in this interconnected environment. People around the world must share, understand, and discuss vast amounts of accurate data. The KKC helps people in and outside Japan connect and communicate for this very reason.

This has been our mission for over twenty years, and it continues to be our central goal. We truly believe this ideal—helping to foster a knowledge society where information is exchanged at all levels of global society—is and will always be worthwhile. As people around the globe seek ways to achieve sustainable development in ever-shifting economic conditions, the KKC is there to create the lasting networks that the world needs.