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Privacy Policy

About privacy protection and management

Keizai Koho Center

Established April 1, 2005
Revised September 1, 2007

1. Privacy protection and management
The Keizai Koho Center (hereafter referred to as the Center), appointing a general administrator of privacy protection as the person responsible for privacy protection and management, is properly and safely managing the personal information it obtained, by taking measures to prevent unauthorized access from the outside to the private information, unfair use, disappearance, destruction, manipulation and omission of the information.

2. Purposes of using personal data
The personal information the Center obtained through application forms for admission, committee membership registration and attendance at meetings, etc., will be used for the purposes below within the bounds of defined endowment activity.

  1. Notification of various kinds of meetings (regular meetings, committees), workshops and seminars, and operation of these events, held by this Center.
  2. Notification of various meetings and events, co-sponsored or supported by this Center, and operation of these events. (*1)
  3. Contribution and delivery of organs and various kinds of related documents.
  4. A variety of research and studies.
  5. Publication of documents.
  6. Providing mutual information among members.

(*1 Preparing name lists for participants at meetings and events, making name cards and seating tables)

3. Common use of personal data
The personal information might be commonly used for the purposes limited by the mentioned section 2 by the following organizations Japan Business Federation (Keidanren); The 21st Century Policy Research Institute, Nippon Keidanren Business Services and the Council for Better Corporate Citizenship.

4. Providing personal data to third parties
The personal information will not be provided to third parties except for the following cases.

  1. When demanded lawfully by lawcourts and other authorized government agencies.
  2. When approved by the said person or relevant member companies and organizations for specified purposes.

5. Outsourcing personal data management
When the Center outsources personal information management, it concludes nondisclosure agreements concerning personal information administration with a commissioned agency, which is carefully selected and checked to see that it has secure systems to properly manage and protect personal information. The Center properly supervises the commissioned agency with regard to the personal data management.

6. Use suspension, delation of personal information
When requested for disclosure, correction or use suspension, delation, etc., involving the personal information the Center acquired, please contact the Center mentioned below.

The Center will respond in a reasonable period of time, confirming the source of the request and whether the said person, people belong to member companies or organizations.
Please be forewarned that there may be cases where members are unable to use services of the Center if they suspend the use of personal data, eliminate or delete it.

Somu-bu (general affairs department), Keizai Koho Center,
100-0004 Keidanren Hall, 19th floor, 1-3-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel:  (03) 6741-0011
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